my isolation skincare routine

I originally was planning on doing a new makeup routine post this month, and then I (like most of the world) stopped going outside, and as such also stopped wearing makeup.

What hasn’t stopped however, is my skincare routine. Having time each morning and evening to spend a bit of time on my skincare has been wonderful and while my routine isn’t complicated, it is nice to just spend those few minutes on me.

I have written two previous skincare routines a while ago on this blog which you can find here: 2019 2018

It is interesting to see how my routine has changed in the past few years, but all three years are cruelty free if you would like to look back with me on how my routines (and houses) have changed.

As through the past three years I still do all of my skincare routines with either washcloths or handmade cotton rounds that Nigel and I made years ago: DIY cotton rounds. I keep these in a black basket and as I use them throw them into a lingerie wash bag. I can then throw the whole thing into the laundry when it gets full.

Starting with the morning I start with a toner. I am currently using the Seaweed Toner from The Body Shop, but once that is out I am planning on making my own. Let me know if you know of a good recipe to try! I then combine The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% with Drunk Elephant’s D-Bronzi which gives such a beautiful glow to the skin. The Ordinary has just recently started to see these larger bottles of both my main products from them which I love as well as the fact that they take the bottles back after you are finished.

I don’t tend to use a moisturizer in the morning since I have oily skin, but I may pop one on right now since I am inside all day.

I am also still using my Green Goddess sunscreen when I am going outside.

In the evening during my normal life I start with makeup remover. I start with my tried and true Ultrabland from Lush which I have been using for years and it is so great at getting makeup off with just some water and a washcloth. I then go in with the Lush cleanser called Jade Roller which is a naked product to get any last makeup off.

Then I go in with the same toner as the morning and The Ordinary’s Buffet serum. Then I use one of two eye serums. Either the same one from Nip and Fab I have been using for years, or The Ordinary’s Caffeine serum. Lastly I go in with a moisturizer. If I am okay with being really oily I use The Ordinary’s squalene oily and if I want it a little more contained I use a solid moisturizer from Lush that has lasted such a long time.

Lastly are my face masks. I like to try and do at least one face mask a week. When I have a bathtub again I will probably be doing even more. Most of mine are from The Body Shop a bit over a year ago in their after Christmas sale, but I also always have some other masks that I love trying out. I like have multiple masks for how my skin is feeling at different times during the month.

This is my current skincare regimen. Do you have some favourite skincare products? If so please let me know what they are!

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