what is bringing me joy


I have been thinking a lot about joy lately. Many of things that bring me joy in my every day life isn’t the same at the moment such as hanging out and hugging my friends and family, going out to eat at a new restaurant, wandering the mall and finding something fun to bring home, and so much more.

But at the moment this isn’t what our lives look like. We have had to find our new normal and with it I have been finding new joys. Here is what is bringing me joy right now:

  1. Waking up with no alarm clock to sunshine through the blinds and little rush to get out of bed
  2. Nigel being home and being willing to cook for me at all hours of the day. I have been blessed by his cooking and baking and really enjoying it
  3. Watching through all of Hannah Montana on Disney+ and reliving my middle school memories
  4. Plants. I have been loving watching my indoor plants grow as well as starting my patio garden and seeing as they are beginning to pop out of the soil
  5. Home Decorating projects – being at home has allowed us to get things done in the laundry room, hang a gallery wall, and Nigel even organized the pantry. These have made this home space feel more like home
  6. The moments and spaces to move – I haven’t even been putting my yoga mat away as I have been trying to get moving, stretching, or exercising every day and I have been loving that there is extra space in my day
  7. New ways to connect – In a time when everyone seems so far apart the fact that we have the technology to connect with each other is great
  8. Dining room table puzzles – I haven’t had the space to do puzzles in a such a long time, so being able to spread a puzzle out has been great
  9. Plants – need I say more?
  10. Nigel running past me with a strawberry that looks like a rocket ship (yes, there were sound effects included)

Every day is a new day and some days are definitely better than others. Some days I am productive and others nothing gets done, but we don’t have to get out of this with a new book written, a new skill mastered, or anything else. We just have to get through.

What is bringing you joy lately?

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  1. toobehuman says:

    Such a nice message to share! I’ve been experiencing joy from moments of relaxation and lack of anxiety I’ve been able to have. Even though it’s hard sometimes with what’s happening, but trying to be mindful helps.


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