spring/summer reads 2020


despite everything else going on in the world, spring has truly started. The sun is shining, the plants are starting to grow, and my book reading has pivoted to books about the beach, spring flings, and happy books.

There are lots of books coming out in the next few months that you should definitely read. Some of these I have read already and others I am waiting till their release dates, but either way they may help in this time of staying at home.

While the physical stores and libraries may be closed you can still but online from many local bookstores, and most libraries are beefing up their online books and if you haven’t tried the Libby app yet, you really should check it out!

Now these are obviously based on my personal reading preferences so you may be excited to read other books coming out in the next few months. What are you excited to read soon?

20 Great Reads Coming Out in Spring/Summer 2020


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Undercover Bromance – March 10

A Romance series focusing on a group of men helping them figure out what the women in their life really want and how to become better in the process


The Honey-Don’t List – March 24

Think Chip and Joanna Gaine’s assistants, but so so much more. Includes a gigantic tour bus, secrets and cover-ups, and a book tour gone wrong.

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Something to Talk About – May 26

My next read and my first lesbian romance in a while. This one revolves around a Hollywood powerhouse and her assistant, and all the paparazzi that comes with it

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Party of Two – June 23

My favourite romance author is back with the mixture of lawyers and politicians, cake, and even more media scrutiny. I just received this book and can’t wait to dive into it!

Middle Grade

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The Only Black Girls in Town – March 10

A great middle grade book about friendships, race, history, and more all wrapped up with a little bit of mystery.


Rick – April 21

From the Author of George, Rick is all about a middle school boy exploring who he is, and how his old friendships fit into his new discoveries


The Deceivers – April 7

The second book in a new series from one of my favourite childhood authors with a mirrored world, secrets and lies, and things that are different than what meets the eye

Young Adult

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The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes – May 19

A prequel to the Hunger Games series featuring the infamous President Snow and a much earlier Hunger Games

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Clap When You Land – May 5

A Novel told in verse that involves a plane crash, an altered family, and learning to pick up the pieces


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My Dark Vanessa – March 10

A hard book, but a needed one about a sexual relationship between a student and teacher, and her feelings about it years later when other people start to come out

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Big Summer – May 19

Tackling fat shaming, emotionally abusive relationships, and a little bit of mystery, all wrapped up in a Cape Cod wedding weekend


A Good Neighborhood – March 10

Narrated by the chorus-like neighborhood itself this book shows what happens when neighbors become enemies, and how dangerous small disagreements can become



Untamed – March 10

While I haven’t read this book yet, I have heard Glennon on multiple podcasts and her words of strength, figuring out who she is, and finding her way in the world are ones that I am excited to read


How to Be Fine – March 17

Jolenta and Kristen live by self-help books for their podcast “By The Book”. This book explores their journey of doing so and what they have learned along the way

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Simply Living Well – April 7

I have been following Julia on Instagram for a while and this book looks like a beautiful look into a more sustainable life and home

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Big Friendship – July 24

Another book of a podcast duo that I love, “Call Your Girlfriend”, this book shares about their long distance friendship, how friendships change over your life, and everything you want to know about friendship

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Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire – April 21

This may be my favourite Hatmaker book yet. Her stories of her life are touching, her tips are relevant, and I came out of the book inspired to use my voice in new ways


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Home Before Dark – June 30

Sager always delivers, in his twisted way. This book features an old haunted house, but Maggie doesn’t believe a word it, but should she?


He Started It – July 28

A family, an inheritance, a road trip, and a whole carload of secrets.


The Glass Hotel – March 24

This detailed book, by the author of one of my favourites, Station Eleven, features a Ponzi scheme, the wilderness of Vancouver Island, and a world where everything is connected

So there are 20 books coming out in Spring/Summer 2020 that I am either excited to read or think you should read. What are you reading right now and what are you excited to read?

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  1. I really need to start the Bromance series. Everyone is talking about it! Great list, thanks for sharing.


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