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One of my favourite things about having to spend all of my time in my home lately is the time that I have to get little things around the house done. Of course some things sadly had to be put on hold like the bathtub that is sitting in my second bedroom instead of the of main bathroom, but other things that can happen with minimal trips to home depot and the two of us can happen.

Last month I shared the first finished room, our master bedroom which you can find here. The only thing that has changed since then is the addition of a plant, my golden pothos which is doing absolutely amazing and has grown almost a dozen new leaves since I got it. The pot is from an aloe plant that I used to have before I made it explode (no, literally) but this one is doing much better.

my happy golden pothos

Our closet and master bathroom is directly in the master bedroom with a mirrored walk through closet and then a pretty good sized second bathroom. I honestly don’t know what to do with the amount of closet space that we currently have. I can’t believe how many clothes I used to have in my closet a few years ago when I first got married and now I barely fill up half of my side of the closet. My closet side also holds items such as a shelf we are going to hang in the living room once our love seat arrives, bins of memories for both Nigel and I, as well as a bin of bags and bathing suits and our suitcase.

Nigel’s side is also mostly empty but he holds that laundry bins on that side which I got a few months back from Costco as well as some of my longer items that are too tall to fit on my side of the closet. Overall it is really nice having such a nice full length mirror which I haven’t had since I left home to see full outfits and I am sure all the space will come in handy one day.

We then walk into the bathroom which is separated from the rest of the room by a pocket door. The floor is the same floor that is throughout the home in the bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room which I really love and we painted the closet and bathroom the same neutral as the rest of the home which is Behr’s Evening White.

Directly to the right is the vanity area which is a good size. There is a ton of storage areas in this bathroom which means that there is a lot of empty space under the sink. I try and keep the vanity as clear as possible, but everyday products are currently kept by the sink such as the tooth care products, a dish for my rings when I am showering, and a small vase with some greenery.

I knew I wanted to get new towels for this bathroom as the ones we were given for wedding presents did not match the decor so I chose to go for PACT towels in White which look so nice and work well also. The towels are made from organic cotton and are made in a way that uses a lot less water than traditional cotton.

The mirror is from a store called At Home and it took a bit of engineering to get it hung this way as it was meant to be hung vertically, but it looks great. Over in the medicine cabinet I keep my everyday skincare, which I talked about in a recent blog post here, and other medicine and first aid products up in the cabinet. I have placed an old fake plant from my desk on top for now but I hope to eventually replace it with a real one when I find the right plant.

The blank wall here is the only section that I consider incomplete. I have bought an art print from Etsy that I will be printing out and getting a frame for once the stores are open again.

Now the shower is my least favourite part of this bathroom. The tiles are sort of a peachy-pink with an odd border and it doesn’t fit my style at all. The other bathroom needed work however as the previous owner of the house took her sitting bathtub with her so there is a big whole to fill. This bathroom will have to wait for now. What we were able to do however was change the shower head. Instead of the very low shower head that pointed directly to one corner of the shower we got an adjustable rainfall shower head that is tall enough to stand under and makes the shower seem much bigger without redoing it all.

Lastly we have a tall shelf in the corner. We had spare peel and stick wallpaper from our laundry room remodel (which will probably be coming next) in the perfect width of the shelf. We placed it on the back of the shelf which gives a great bit of decor to the room. On this shelf I have placed all of the extra towels, some cute colourful jars from the target dollar section, a jar of handkerchiefs, and bins of extra products, Nigel’s hair cutting instruments, travel products, and the like. The baskets I got from the dollar store and fit on the shelf perfectly.

This is not a part of the house that we spent a lot of money on, most of the things were extras from other decorating or picked up from the dollar store, but I am very happy with how it turned out. One day I may get around to re-doing the bathroom in a more elaborate way, but for now some paint and decor items work just fine for me.

What are your favourite ways to spruce up a room?

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  1. Oh my goodness, I’m reading these home reno posts while dreaming of one day being able to do the same! Right now all our style has been thrown out the window as have a very mobile and very curious baby who just loves grabbing things….🤣


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