hoping my little plants grow – april garden update

I do not have a ton of experience with gardening, but my love of watching things grow is only growing! Last year was my real first foray into the gardening world when I got my first community garden plot (4×8) and planted it full of crops that actually grew including beans, zucchini, radishes, beets, and lettuce!

So after knowing pretty much nothing last year and things actually happening, this year I had plans! We were on the waitlist for a bigger garden plot which we did get, upgrading to an 8×8 plot which we were able to till, flatten out, and place some stones in it, and then the gardens were closed. We had bought the supplies to build a fence around it, the seeds were all sitting in my garage waiting to be planted, and then everything changed.

The moment that I found out that the garden was closed was the worst disappointment that I had all month, which I wrote more about here. Immediately we started to think about what we could do that would work for the time being, especially because I already had seedlings growing in my dining room that I would need to transplant somewhere.

Nigel immediately went out to Home Depot, buying a whole bunch of large pots, and together with the pots we already had we created our own garden on our porch. Due to strata we can’t have anything on the grass more than temporarily so we have created a long line of pots down the porch.

Due to living in the Greater Vancouver area it is much warmer here than in other places, which I am very thankful for so I was able to start planting pretty much right away. I have planted green and red lettuce in the big planter box, as well as zucchini, beans, parsnips, brussels sprouts, radishes and beets.

In the house my little seedlings were doing great (though I forgot a photo before I transferred them). I planted butternut squash, eggplant, tomatoes, and peppers in these little pots from Home Depot which lived in a sunny and warm spot in my dining room. I haven’t yet invested in grow lights, but we will see how my gardening journey keeps going.

While it is sad that I don’t have my full garden plot at the moment, it is very nice to have all my plants so close by and that I can check in on them every day. Just two days ago I transplanted my seedlings into their pots, so we will see how that goes, but if they die I will start again and that is okay since this is all an experiment for me.

As the weather has warmed up I have started to see growth in a lot of the plants including the brussels sprouts, lettuce, radishes, and beets. Sadly I think I moved my butternut squash too early and we had a cold snap and they died but I have moved on and planted more.

Things may be different than what I expected and who knows what the rest of the growing season is going to look like, but I am still loving my little garden and I have seen so much growth in just the first month.

Keep checking back to see how my garden is doing and if I get to eat anything this year!

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  1. Oh, how I long to have a backyard! We’re definitely lucky here with our climate, they’re still getting snow in other parts of the country, eeek!


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