my edited spring/summer wardrobe

The past few years has been a real journey for my wardrobe. When I first got married and unpacked my clothes I took up a full closet with only a small amount of clothing left for my husband. Then as my minimalism and ethical journey began I started to pare down my wardrobe more and more. I also started to be more careful on the items that I brought into my closet, both in terms of ethical ideas and where I was buying my clothing, but also on whether or not these were items that I absolutely loved and wanted to wear over and over again.

I have done many 10×10 challenges as well as last summer I spent three months wearing only 33 items of clothing (including shoes and jackets). While this isn’t something that I am planning on doing again at the moment, mainly due to not knowing what this summer is going to look like and not wanting to restrict myself in my wardrobe, but also when I counted up the items in my closet I didn’t even have 40 items.

Now I don’t think this wardrobe is perfect, there are a few gaps that I am wanting to fill, which I will go through at the end, but since my preferred method of buying clothes (thrifting) currently can’t happen they will have to stay wish list items for now.

Before taking these photos I took everything out of my closet. Last month I did my major wardrobe switch where I put my winter clothes under my bed in storage and took out the more summer-y pieces. I did have a few items that I wanted to keep out earlier that I moved into storage now that it is warmer out as well as one or two things I moved to the donation bin that I no longer wanted.

Note: This is only going through my “going out” clothes. I am not going through my loungewear, pajamas, and workout clothes. Those are all stored in my dresser and not the closet. This will also not be going through my heavier jackets and shoes which are stored in the front hall closet, as well as my few occasion wear pieces that only come out for weddings and fancier events.

First are my Cardigans/Light Jackets. Here I have my blazer, a heavier white cardigan which is great when it is a bit chillier, and two light cardigans which are perfect layer in the spring/summer.

Number of Items: 4

One pieces are an area that I would like to expand in my wardrobe, since I only have one more casual dress as well as my denim jumpsuit that I have rediscovered in the past few weeks and absolutely love.

Number of Items: 2

Longer Tops are next with just a few in these warmer months. This sweater is great for cooler days when you want to still look bright, and the blue shirt is a great shirt that can be a little bit dressier for work. I have two button ups; one that is nicer and one that I only use for gardening/working around the house and it was originally a mens shirt, then my mom’s, and then she passed it on to me.

Number of Items: 4

Short sleeve shirts are one of the biggest sections because they are so versatile. Most are pretty neutral so that they go with any other items, but the mustard top and the blue striped top are two of my favourite pieces in my entire wardrobe.

Number of Items: 8

I also have a decent number of tank tops that I pull out for the warmer months and it has been so fun getting to wear them again. I love that these can be casual but be more dressed up with a cardigan for work.

Number of Items: 6

Now moving onto bottoms. I have a few pairs of long pants including the comfiest pair of loose pants ever as well as some mint and beige pairs. Then I have some bright pairs of capri’s which are great for work in the warmer months and just help to brighten up my wardrobe.

Number of Items: 5

I keep a few jeans in my spring/summer wardrobe including a light pair, a looser medium pair, and a ripped pair for weekend wear. I also keep a black pair in there, but I don’t reach for it much in this season.

Number of Items: 4

I have two skirts, both in the mustard family. One is a midi skirt and the other hits just above the knees.

Number of Items: 2

Lastly is shorts which I have four pairs. These are all comfy and I have even been wearing them around the house lately in the sunny days that we have been having. Can’t wait to bring them out even more.

Number of Items: 4

I then put everything back into my closet where everything has lots of room to breathe and I am only using half of my closet.

Total Number of Items: 39

Now onto my wish list. Now I don’t know when stores will be opening back up again, but I know when they do these are the things that I will be looking out for

  • Graphic Tee with plants/flowers on them. All my t-shirts are plain and I would love something with a fun print of my greatest love in the world – plants.
  • Fun summer dress. I am sad that I don’t currently have many fun summery dresses that can be worn casually or dressed a bit up and I would love to get a few more of those.
  • Another pair of loose pants. Up until last summer I had a pair of black cropped pants that tied at the waist that I loved, but were cheap and wore out at the end of last summer. I would like another pair that is similar as I loved them so much.

I find having a list of things that I would like to add in my wardrobe helps makes my shopping more effective, and hopefully when I am allowed to shop again I can find some things like these.

What does your spring/summer wardrobe look like? Are there any things you would like to have that you don’t?

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