gnocchi and biscuits and cookies oh my – my quarantine kitchen

As with many people I have been spending a lot more time in the kitchen over the past few months. Both my husband and I have been enjoying cooking and baking more with the extra time that we have in our days and my stomach has been loving what we are making.

Today I have decided to round up some of the best recipes I have been making from around the internet.


I really enjoy having gnocchi but I have always just bought the package from the store. Due to not shopping as much as well as the pasta aisle being completely empty we didn’t have any in the cupboard, but I was really wanting to have gnocchi. I decided to try making my own with this very simple recipe that only needed two ingredients; potatoes and flour.

This was actually quite a simple recipe with most of the time being spent boiling the potatoes. Next time I will make sure to have more flour on the work area as they are very sticky, but once boiling them and combining them with my favourite white sauce I couldn’t tell the difference.

Sour Cream and Onion Biscuits

Like so much of the world I really love Bon Appetit and their youtube channel. I saw that Molly posted a video of her making these sour cream and onion biscuits and immediately wanted to make them. I made this recipe alongside her video which was a fun experience and in the end these were the best biscuits I have ever had (sorry dad).

We enjoyed them straight out of the oven for lunch with butter melting from the heat and I can’t wait to make them again which I will once I have more green onions in the house.

Two Bite Pretzels

pretzel bites two ingredient dough

Now I don’t have a picture of these, but that is because I ate them too quickly after they came out of the oven. These were so quick and fun to make and it was nice having a little salty bite in the middle of the day. I can’t wait to make these for the open house parties we are itching to have once we can have people over.

Cardamom Cowboy Cookies

From Antoni Porowski’s cookbook, but you can see the recipe here:

While I love easy throw together cookies as much as the next person sometimes I like something that takes up a little bit more time. These were great for that as I really enjoyed the time that I took toasting pecans, cutting up candied ginger, and grinding cardamom.

These cookies were unlike anything that I have ever had before, but I love the bit of spice from the cardamom, the sweetness from the ginger and chocolate chips, and how soft and chewy they are.

Chai Banana Cake

Now what would a quarantine baking post be without something involving bananas? This is a fun spin on banana bread as it involves making chai tea as the liquid for the cake. Next time I would make the chai stronger as I wished that I could taste it more but overall this was a fun recipe.

Honorable mentions for things that Nigel has been making:

Now Nigel has been baking and cooking as well and while you will have to ask him for his recipes I will share some pictures of some of the things that he has been making. He made the pizza dough from scratch and it was such great pizza. There are more dough balls waiting in the freezer and I am excited to pull those out whenever I am in the mood for pizza.

Have you been baking and cooking more now? What have you been making and let me know if you make any of the recipes that I have shared!

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  1. I have been cooking every day for the past few months, and I’m constantly on the hunt for new recipes to add to my arsenal. A favourite new recipe has been this sweet potato black bean vegetarian chili – my partner hasn’t stopped raving about it since I made it last week! Yum yum!


    1. Andrea says:

      Oh exciting! I think the rain is coming back this week so I will have to try it out.


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