planning during a pandemic


If you know anything about me or if you have been following this blog for a while you will know that I really love planning. I have written multiple blog posts here about finding my planner for the year, how I do my planning, and why I consider it my hobby (which is by far the most popular blog post I have ever written).

Planning right now is different though. I don’t have work shifts to write down, there are little to no social events on the calendar, and it is easy to think that planning is something that isn’t important at this time. In reality, I have been really loving doing this planning time differently, not as keeping track of all the things I have to do, but rather as a memory tracker of this time.

Since I have gone over the details of my planning in previous posts I won’t do that now, but I will share some photos of me doing the initial planning for June while talking about what I plan ahead of time and how I fill in the boxes later. I will note that this month I am working with bits and pieces of my planning supplies since I have so much extra so I gathered up all the stickers that I had that have bits of mint/green since that was the theme for the month so not everything matches perfectly, but I am happy with how it turned out.

As mentioned before there is very little planning that I can do ahead of time for the month of June. I write down the dates when the mortgage is due, reminders of the online church service, and the days when I need to apply for the CERB, and that is about it. When my planner used to be filled with appointments, job stuff, and more that is quite the change at the beginning.

I have been embracing the memory planning right now so instead of planning before things happen, every two or three days I sit down with the planner and write what I have done. This can be things such as Zoom calls with friends, going to pick up takeout, or as little as going to the garden, or what movie we watched in the evening. I am choosing to embrace the little things and record what I may have thought wasn’t important before. Later on when I look back on these planners these days I will want to remember for the small things that we did.

Planning days are one of my favourite days of the month, especially when I pull out all of my planning supplies, lay them out on the ground or the bed, and figure out how to make each month beautiful.

My planning may look different right now, but it hasn’t stopped bring me joy.

Do you plan? How has your planning changed during the pandemic?

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