30 days of yoga

Last year I tried to do yoga every day for a month, which you can read about here. This didn’t work out too well for me and it definitely didn’t happen. However this year I had a lot less to distract me from this goal so once again I set out to do yoga every day for a month.

I decided to work through a series on Youtube from Yoga with Adrienne called Home.

This 30 day series with videos ranging from 18-25 minutes most days works through a lot of topics with each day having a different theme. I really loved how the entire series built up on each other so that I could see myself getting stronger and being able to do poses and movements that I wasn’t able to do at the beginning of the month.

Throughout the month of May I started a routine (which was much needed after months of lacking in routines). I would get up and get out of bed, open up the blinds in the living room, start the kettle to make tea for myself and Nigel who was still in bed, then do my yoga in the morning sun, and then my tea would be the perfect temperature to drink and do some reading.

This was the perfect way to start my mornings and I found that most days I was so much more productive after this. There were a few days when the yoga happened later in the day and even once or twice when I did it right before bed and while it was still good I really found that doing this right at the beginning of the day was the best for me.

While I did notice physical changes in my body this month I also could tell that I was getting stronger and that was what I really loved. I was able to do moves much easier before and in terms of things such as crow pose this is something that I wasn’t able to do at all at the beginning of May and now I am so much better. While I still have a really long way to go I am excited to see my strength growing.

This was a stressful month for many reasons. We are still in the middle of a global pandemic and while the world is beginning to open up (too soon for some and too slow for others) there are still many people who do not have jobs and the world won’t ever go back to the way it was (and I believe that is a good thing in many ways). Also we are in the middle of a revolution and while I know that it is a privilege that I have to be able to try and think about something else (or nothing) for a few moments of my day I find that by having that time of self care in the morning I am better equipped to spend my day learning, listening, and working to be more anti-racist in my every day life.

I have also realized in my time working on this blog post as well as postponing to better amplify Black voices that like much of my social media feeds, my workouts and fitness routines (including yoga) is very white. This month I am working to find more voices of colour to follow on Instagram but also find workouts to do from black people.

Here are some of the accounts that I have found and followed, but please let me know if there are any you know and love.

Yoga – Spiritually Fly

Dance – Coach Cass Fit

Fitness – Follow the Lita

Yoga – Jessamyn Stanley

Fitness – Koboko Fitness

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