too much rain – june gardening update


This past month has not felt like spring at all. I feel like there have been more rainy days than not and my garden has definitely been feeling it. Especially with items such as my lettuce there has been very little growth and I have tried replanting multiple times and there has only just now started a few tiny sprouts forming.

My backyard garden is really not doing amazing. I am not sure if the plants are getting enough sun, but since it is our first year here it is really an experiment to see what does grow. The beans are growing, but that is really it. I have replanted a bunch of the pots that didn’t survive with more beets and radishes since I find that those are pretty foolproof and grow relatively quickly.

What has been doing so well is our green onions. I planted these a month ago and now I always have a steady supply of fresh green onions whenever I need. We are getting more green onions in our CSA box right now so I have even more growing in water now to keep growing more.

Now onto the community garden things are going a bit better, but we haven’t had much of a harvest yet. Doing well are the beans, butternut squash, brussels sprouts and beets. We are super confused by the cucumber as the stalks are growing so tall and thick which I have never seen with a cucumber plant before so we will see how it turns out when flowers start appearing.

We had a few things that didn’t work out such as eggplant, peppers, and our tomato plant, but we have made the best of it. There were some strawberry plants that had escaped a plot and were in the pathway so we dug them out and transplanted them into the garden. They have given us 8 strawberries so far and hopefully will continue to grow in the future.

In some of the other now empty areas I have planted lettuce, spinach, and radishes which have started to come up. We also made a fun purchase of a blueberry bush which we planted in the garden. We both absolutely love blueberries so we hope that this will be a fruitful purchase.

While it is sad when things don’t grow as well as I hope that they will I am still loving having both the garden right in my backyard as well as a place that I can walk and just spend some time in the dirt. Today when we went it was finally hot and sunny and I was filled with the possibilities of what the garden can be in a few short weeks.

Are you gardening? If so, how is your garden doing?

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  1. Wow this looks amaaazing!! Must be so nice to see your hard work pay off! I don’t have a garden yet, but I do love looking at other people’s gardens to get inspiration for the future!


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