another collection of empties – summer 2020


I have been saving my makeup, skincare, and bodycare empties for almost two years now. While this might seem weird for some I like it for a few different ways. For one it is nice for me to see it on an environmental level. I am trying to switch to more naked products and use less packaging, and seeing what I am using a lot of can help figure out what I can slowly start to make or find in a more environmentally friendly way. I also love seeing empties from other people and seeing what they are using since you have to like something quite a bit to use the whole thing and I hope that some of you may see some of what I use and pick it up yourself.

I have been cruelty free for three years now and am working to transition in general to a more natural beauty routine as I finish up other products that I already have. If you know of any great natural beauty/skincare brands please let me know so I can check them out.

Under normal circumstances I would probably have more products in this empties, but since I am not wearing makeup most days right now some makeup and makeup removed products that I usually go through I haven’t.

What do I do with these empties now? This is a little complicated since there are different things that I do with the different types of packaging or where it comes from:

  • Lush Products go back to Lush (5 Black Pots = 1 free face mask)
  • The Body Shop products go back to The Body Shop (5 items = 5 dollars off your purchase) Note: This has currently been suspended due to Covid-19 but I will hold on to the items until it does come back
  • The Ordinary Products can be returned to Deciem along with any other makeup/skincare products
  • Any makeup/skincare products can be dropped of at Loccitaine stores through a collaboration with Terracycle
  • The regular shampoo bottles and such can go into my city recycling

Because of this none of these products are going straight into the trash. Yes, it does take a little bit more work, but it is something that I am glad to do.

Now into the empties:


For my hair empties I have two shampoos, both from Jason. I did enjoy both of these, but I have switched to a new Tea Tree Shampoo as I wanted something a bit simpler than this formula and have recently started using one from Green Beaver. The Disney Conditioner is back from when we went on vacation last year and it was the sample in the hotel. I always bring home those samples if I have to use them and then use them on other Vacations.

Body Scrubs/Lotions

I love body scrubs and as such as have two here, but since finishing these scrubs (and a naked one from Lush) I have started to make my own with just brown sugar and coconut oil and I am loving it. Then we have my weakness, the Body Butters from The Body Shop. I would like to switch to something with less packaging, but I haven’t yet. I think I will make it my goal by the end of the year to find the product that is good for that.

Body Care

In the body care section I have one body wash from a few years ago that was hiding in a travel bag. Since it was getting old I wanted to use it up. This scent is one of my absolute favourites and it only comes out at Christmas. Since using this body wash we have been just using bar soaps and it works well. The small glass jar is a deodorant from my local advent calendar last year. Both Nigel and I liked this a lot, but since we still have multiple deodorants from Schmidt’s to use we haven’t gone back to it or any other jarred deodorant since.


In the skincare category I have both of my favourite serums from The Ordinary; Buffet and Niacinamide and Zinc. Both these products now come in bigger bottles which I really appreciate since I use both of these every day. The other sample was from a sample box with Drunk Elephant which I also really enjoy and I really liked this facial oil to use before bed.

There is a toner from the Body Shop. I have since switched to using pure Witch Hazel which is more natural and is working well. The other is one of the free face masks you get at Lush for returning samples. This one used to be my favourite, but I didn’t love it as much so perhaps my needs have changed and I need to try a new one next time.


This is a lot more makeup than I usually have in one of these since I had quite a few liquid lipsticks that were getting old and the formula was changing which means it is time to get rid of them. They are mainly from Colourpop and I really do enjoy them. I also have a Fenty foundation (which now has an iffy Cruelty Free status and thus I will not be repurchasing), two of my staples from NYX (which I would like to replace with more natural brands) and my favourite eye primer from Urban Decay. All these products are ones that would have to be thrown in the garbage if collaborations with the company Terra Cycle didn’t exist who turn them into other materials.

Looking through my empties is always interesting. I have things I really want to change, such as my use of the Body Butters, and things that I have since stopped using such as body wash and body scrubs.

Have you ever considered saving your empties?

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  1. I really enjoy empties posts and videos, I feel like you get a better sense of a product when someone has used it for a while, and it’s interesting to learn whether someone would repurchase something.


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