the best books i read this month – july 2020


Summer has arrived! It is so nice to actually start wearing the shorts that are in my closet and also to discover that my home stays pretty cool, even on the days that go over 30 degrees. I always love starting to write these blog posts because it means I get to take a look back at everything I read in the month, as since I read so much I do forget what I have read in certain months.

In exciting new I am reading physical books again, as the library has opened for curbside pickup and every Friday I go by to pick up a new stack of books. While I still don’t know when I will be going back to work at my library, it is nice to be able to go near a library again and not only be reading e-books.

Last month I made it a priority to only feature BIPOC authors and while I will be sharing all my favourite books this month I am making sure to keep learning, reading, and growing in knowledge from authors of colour and you will see a few of them featured here.

What’s Your Enneatype? An Essential Guide to the Enneagram: Understanding the Nine Personality Types for Personal Growth and Strengthened Relationships by Liz Carver and Josh Green


As you may have seen from my multiple blog posts about the Enneagram (including a post all about the best books about the enneagram) I have read a lot of books on this subject, and this one may be one of the best. This book is so beautiful and when it releases next week I can’t wait to pick it up and add it to my book collection. The book goes through all of the nine types with colours assigned to each of them. I really enjoyed the ways that it talks about important moments for each type as well as how to love the people you know.

The Skin We’re In: A Year of Black Resistance and Power by Desmond Cole

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This book about racism and power from a Canadian perspective was so interesting to read about with most of the information right now coming out of the United States. This book takes place over the course of the year with information about violence, protests, injustice, and racism that is in our own front yard.

Fumbled (Playbook, #2) by Alexa Martin

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I read this book for my Read Harder challenge this month of reading a Romance book with a single mother and I enjoyed this book much more than the first book in the series. This was a fun, cute story that also had them dealing with real world issues.

The Pull of the Stars by Emma Donoghue


It may be odd to recommend a book about a pandemic while in the middle of a pandemic, but this one is a beautiful one to read. This book takes place in a hospital in Ireland during the Great Flu of 1918 and Julia is in charge of expectant mothers who also have the Flu. In this small and overcrowded room where they are quarantined together we see life, loss, new beginnings, and endings.

March: Book Two (March, #2) by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell


This series that I started last month is even more appropriate now that John Lewis sadly passed away recently. This graphic novel series traces a path through his life and it is so interesting to learn about what was going on during the Civil Rights era. I have the third book now and am excited to learn more from that book.

Parachutes by Kelly Yang

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This book deals with a topic that I don’t think I have ever read about, Claire ends up in a home in the United States after being sent there from China by her parents. The home she ends up in is the home of Dani and her mom, people who couldn’t be living a more different life than the one that Claire is used to. Together they begin to navigate high school, trying (and failing) to avoid each other until things happen that they can’t ignore.

Cinderella Is Dead by Kalynn Bayron

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I absolutely devoured this book as it was so amazing and gave new meaning to old stories. This is the story of Cinderella, but not the one you know, as it is 200 years later and life is not great if you are a woman. Starting on your 16th birthday you are required to go to a ball at the Palace where the men choose their wives. If you don’t get chosen after three tries you are forced into servitude and if you are chosen your new husband is probably abusive. Sophia is desperate to leave and at the ball makes the decision to flee away. When she runs away she meets Constance, a decedent of Cinderella, who knows a much different story of history and together they try and change the future.

Heartstopper: Volume One (Heartstopper, #1) by Alice Oseman

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This is one of the sweetest graphic novels that I have ever read. It features Charlie and Nick, two students at a British all-boys school and the sweetest start to a relationship that I have ever seen. I am so excited to continue with this series as it just warmed my heart to read.

Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World by Ashley Herring Blake


This is another sweet book, this time a middle-grade novel of a girl navigating the world after a tornado destroys everything she has ever known and she is navigating complex feelings that she can’t always understand. I love the friendships in the book and the relationships that Ivy creates with those around her.

Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman


I have loved the Call Your Girlfriend podcast for years and this book is a great insight into the life and friendship of the two hosts, both the good and the bad. It discusses how to cultivate big friendships in your own life and what to do when things do get tough. You can really see the author’s voice come through and it was really enjoyable.

The Power of Ritual: How to Create Meaning and Connection in Everything You Do by Casper ter Kuile


This is another book from a podcast recommendation with Casper being one of the hosts of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. This book talks about turning everyday activities into something more, something of a spiritual practice even. I have been pretty good about routines and taking time for myself throughout this quarantine time, but this is a great book to read as life begins to return to normal in the next few weeks.

So what have you been reading and loving this past month? Let me know in the comments!

2020 Recap:

2020 Reading Goals

Numbers are for the full year, topics are for the challenges I completed this month.

Goodreads Profile

Total 2020 Books: 172

Goodreads Choice Awards: 19/20

  • YA Fantasy and Science Fiction – Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin
  • Autobiography and Memoir – Home Work by Julie Andrews

Book Riot Read Harder Challenge: 14/24

  • Food Book About a Cusine You Have Never Tried Before – Notes from a Young Black Chef by Kwame Onwuachi
  • Romance Starring a Single Parent – Fumbled by Alexa Martin

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  1. outdorphins says:

    I get so many great book recos from your blog I’m finally going to share one back! I just read The Golden Spruce, a non fiction book about logging in BC and the destruction of a sacred tree in Haida Gwaii. It was one of the best non fiction page turners I’ve read!


    1. Andrea says:

      I am so glad and I will definitely check that one out!


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