podcasts i am loving lately

It has been a little while since I have put out a podcast blog post, but I have started listening to a bunch of great podcasts that I am excited to share with you all. If you want to check out my previous posts you can see them all here. Many of them I am still listening to and loving.

I have especially been loving podcasts on my walks to the garden and while working in the garden as a bit of alone time, but as I start to take transit a little bit next week and more time working I will be coming back to podcasts as a great work addition.

Evolving Faith

Podcast — Evolving Faith

“Welcome to the table in the wilderness.” Evolving Faith is a conference that started in 2018 started by people unsure of where they were in relation to their faith, and the traditions that they had known forever, now a few years in co-runners Sarah Bessey and Jeff Chu are looking back at the sermons from this conference with discussions and information on where they are now. I am loving all of these episodes and it is a rare listen when I don’t find myself tearing up at some point.

Episode to Try: The Theology of Compost by Jeff Chu

Good Ancestor Podcast

Interviews with change-makers & culture-shapers exploring what it ...

Last month I read Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad and soon after found out about her podcast. I am only a few episodes in so I have a lot of catch up on but this is a podcast that I feel is very important to hear. Sometimes I am moved, sometimes I feel uncomfortable, and sometimes I feel called out, but I can’t wait to keep listening. Let me know if you have any favourite episodes I should look forward to in the coming weeks/months.

Episode to Try: #GoodAncestor EbonyJanice Moore

The Secret Life of Canada

The Secret Life of Canada | cbc.ca Podcasts | CBC Radio

I found out about this podcast recently as well from a good friend and raced through all of the past episodes. This podcast shares the stores about Canada that we probably didn’t learn about in our history books and it is so educational and enlightening. Some of the episodes are heavier than others, but others like a recent episodes deal with famous Canadian Superheroes.

Episode to Try: The Nanny

You Can Sit With Us

You Can Sit With Us – Podcast – Podtail

I have to have one fun podcast on here and this one is one that is great for a light listen. This podcast is hosted by the significant others by the YouTube famous TryGuys and is fun, entertaining, and I can’t help but laugh a lot of the time. They just launched a few weeks ago so there isn’t too much to listen to, but I am excited to learn more about them and their relationships with each other and the Try Guys.

Episode to Try: Our First Episode!

America Did What?

America Did What?! | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts

This is another brand new podcast that I found out about since I have started following Blair Imani on Instagram in the past few months. This podcast is similar to The Secret Life of Canada, but more focused on the United States. Though they have just started I am excited for learning more through this podcast.

Episode to Try: Redlining and the GI Bill

Up Next on My Radar:

The Michelle Obama Podcast

What We Learned From Michelle Obama's Podcast | The Everygirl

Now I am a little upset that this podcast is a Spotify original since it means I have to listen in a different place than all of my other podcast, but I am so excited to get into it no matter what. It just launched this week with an interview with Barack and I can’t wait to listen.

Do you like listening to podcasts? What do you like listening to?

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