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It is no question why this room is called the Living Room as I spend more waking time here than anywhere else. Whether it is watching TV (currently on a Gilmore Girl’s rewatch), working out, cozy-ing up by the fire, or gathering with friends this is a place that I spend a lot of time.

This is also a room that I need a little help with. I have a lot of blank wall above the fireplace and TV that I am not sure what to do with yet. I am going to share some inspiration photos at the end of this post that I would love all of your input on.

The living room is one of the only room that we did have furniture for when we moved in. The coffee table, TV stand, and book shelf are all from Ikea and were the pieces that started our black metal and wood theme that is shown through most of the house. Believe it or not the bookshelf holds all of my books that are not my collection of Children’s books as I mostly only use the library.

Our board game collection is held in the TV cabinet along with the Xbox and games. Next to the TV is one of my favourite parts of the living room, the fun accent chair. We picked up this chair on a whim from the As-Is section of Ikea and I never through that Nigel would love it, but in about 30 seconds it was loaded onto the cart. This chair is the perfect place to curl up and read and it is also Nigel’s video game chair.

I didn’t know how much I would love having the fireplace until we moved in and realized how nice it is on a chilly day to put the fire on and it does a pretty good job of warming up the living room.

Our couch and love seat are one of the best purchases that we have made for our home. We bought them from a local furniture store who makes everything close by and you have the choice of about a million fabrics as well as how stiff you want the cushions and the pattern of extra cushions. We had bought the couch two years ago when we first moved back to BC, but got the love seat to match this year.

Above the love seat is a shelf that we picked up at Homesense decorated with a plant and a few other decor items as well as a sign to display our Wifi password (once I get my hands on some chalk). Over the couch is our gallery wall that I am very proud of. It was one of our first lockdown projects and I love how it came out with a combination of artwork, photos, and other decor.

The last section of the living room is also unfinished. One day I would like to have plants hanging on this ladder, but I haven’t found the right metal holders for my plant pots to hand on the ladder. Currently it is being used as a herb drying rack for the herbs that we are getting in our CSA boxes. Right now you can see parsley and sage hanging up to dry.

Now to the wall areas that I haven’t decorated. First there is the area over the fireplace. I have a few pieces of decor as well as some plants, but I wanted to do something on the wall. I like the idea of having a round mirror on the wall, but Nigel isn’t sold on the idea. There is also the option of finding a piece of art to go above the fireplace instead.

Now for over the TV area I am currently loving the idea of hexagon shelves in a honeycomb-like pattern. This could also be a place for a large art piece. I wouldn’t do a gallery wall here due to the fact that I already have a gallery wall

What are your thoughts? Also what is the room in your home that you spend the most time in?

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  1. I love some off these ideas, and your living room naturally looks great already, and I love the simplistic style of it. I think that having some plants and some art would definitely make it look nice too!


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