a work from home 10×10


It has been a while since I have done any sort of clothing blog post. To be honest, mine (as well as many other people’s) outfits and clothing has really gone out the window. I spent much of the past few months in athletic wear, lounge wear, and pajamas.

Now however I am back at work (at the job I quit right before the pandemic – long story) and while I only have to physically go to the office once a week, I do have to care a bit more about what I am wearing with video calls, plus I find it much easier to work if I am dressed for it.

I decided to celebrate my going back to work with a little summer 10×10. This gives me the chance to wear some of my summer clothing, test out some work clothes I haven’t worn since last summer, and practice my really minimal closet before starting a new Project 333 challenge for September.

Now if you haven’t seen one of these from me before a 10×10 challenge is where I wear 10 items of clothing for 10 days. Everyone does this a little bit differently but for me I include shoes in the 10 items, but I don’t include any other sort of accessory (purse, jewelry, etc). I find that is a little TOO limiting for me and it is really up to the person.

I was a little bit out of the game with my 10×10 challenges so while I did make a plan, I had to change things up a little bit when I realized I need to have a jacket for my in-office work day as it was a bit chilly in the morning and my shirts changed a bit as well as I put more t-shirts in instead of tank tops like I had at the beginning.

This was an interesting 10×10 challenge to plan for as it was during the summer. I had two days of going into the office, other days when I was working from home, as well as casual summer wear. As I always do I like to spend bit of time planning what I want to wear and mixing and matching to make sure that I have enough combinations to make it work. I place the items on my bed, mix and match, and make sure that everything is pretty matchable.

Here is what I chose for this 10×10:


  • Black Tank Top – Casual with jeans, but nice enough for work, this is such a great top
  • White Henley – This shirt is so soft and comfy and is a new purchase for me
  • Beige T-Shirt – Another great shirt that can be dressed up or down


  • Jean Shorts – Obviously only for the weekend, but can go with all of my tops
  • Striped Pants – These are great pants that are comfortable and work ready
  • Pink Capris – My wildcard. I haven’t worn these pants in a year and I need to know if I still love them


  • Grey Jumpsuit – Brand new purchase that is comfortable and fun
  • Black Blazer – Outerwear for my office days


  • Black Toms – Looking a bit old, but still great for everyday wear
  • Yellow Toms – For a splash of colour with my more neutral outfits

Now as usually I was pretty bad at taking pictures of my outfits so you are only going to get one outfit picture, and it was from day one. At least you get to see my new jumpsuit in action and I paired it with the yellow toms for a walk in the park.

Here is a breakdown of the outfits that I wore (some days I never left the house and didn’t need shoes):

  1. Grey Jumpsuit + Yellow Toms
  2. Jean Shorts + Black Tank Top + Black Toms
  3. Pink Capris + White Henley + Blazer + Black Toms
  4. Striped Pants + Black Tank Top
  5. Grey Romper + Beige Shirt + Yellow Toms
  6. Pink Capris + Beige Shirt
  7. Jean Shorts + Beige Shirt + Black Toms
  8. Striped Pants + White Henley + Black Toms
  9. Jean Shorts + White Henley + Yellow Toms
  10. Striped Pants + Beige Shirt + Blazer + Yellow Toms

Some Thoughts on This 10×10

  1. The Pink Capris aren’t staying. They were fine but being forced to wear them really made me feel like I didn’t want to keep them
  2. I loved styling a t-shirt under the romper. It was such a fun choice that I wouldn’t have probably made if I wasn’t doing this challenge
  3. Comfy but can be worn to work is truly my style – I can see that in pretty much every piece that I chose for this 10×10
  4. I really need new black toms
  5. It always amazes me how much you can really do with 10 items, but it is always nice to have my full wardrobe back at the end
  6. I am so excited now for my Fall 333 project and have started my planning already

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