august garden update – preparing for fall


Another month has passed in the life of my garden and things are certainly growing. This was also an exciting month as I began to prepare for my fall crops, something I have never tried before.

First though let’s talk about what I did harvest. I did get a few more radishes and beets, though I think that they may be done for now as I haven’t seen any more that I planted pop out of the soil. I was also able to harvest our carrots and parsnips. The beans have also bean doing amazing and we get a good bag full every time that we head out there. We have picked our first cucumber and there are a few more ready to come in the next few weeks as well.

We did a fun experiment with the beans where I tried pickling for the first time. It was a quick pickle recipe with just a few ingredients and within 24 hours we had some pretty good beans that we shared with family.

Our sunflower is looking amazing. The first big flower has started to droop, but now there are many more flowers about to open. I have loved looking at it when we are at the garden, and even when we are passing by in the car and love to imagine people enjoying it as they walk past.

Now onto the crops that are still growing. Our brussels sprouts are going a bit crazy and are probably about four feet tall. I do see some tiny sprouts on the stalk so our current hope is that we will be able to provide the brussels sprouts for thanksgiving dinner.

The butternut squash is going a bit crazy at this point. We have at least 20 miniature squash growing at this point and I have such high hopes for this plant. It is really taking over the garden at this point however.

Now onto the fall crops. We picked up a few broccoli seedlings that we have planted in pots along the side of the garden. We also planted some peas since I found out that you can plant peas for a fall crop. We planted this all on a very hot day when we also mulched all around the outside of the garden plot. The peas are already starting to poke out of the ground and I am very excited for them.

As for my other plans for fall I want to overwinter some garlic and onions as well as perhaps try to plant some fava beans which I heard is a great plant to be some ground cover over the winter. You will have to check back in the next few months though to see how all those things turn out.

How are all of your gardens going? Let me know what you are all planting for fall in the comments below!

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