planning for a fall 3×33


I really love clothes, but I also really love keeping my wardrobe somewhat minimal as too many choices I find can be overwhelming for me, and also I like not buying everything that I see so having a goal for my closet helps me to be intentional and more sustainable.

Last summer I participated in a project 333 which you can read about in the posts here:

Now I go into much more details about what project 333 in those posts so if you haven’t heard of it before you should check those up but in a quick recap in means:

33 Items of clothing, worn for 3 months straight

Now every person does this a little bit differently, some people are more strict than others and include jewelry (but I don’t include these things).

What I Include:

  1. Normal Clothing Items
  2. Shoes
  3. Outerwear

What I Don’t Include:

  1. Loungewear/Pajamas (but I can’t wear them out of the house)
  2. Athletic wear (but it has to be worn to work out)
  3. Jewelry
  4. Purse (I will only be using one purse for the whole time)
  5. Occasion wear (not that I have anything fancy to go to at this time)

Now fall is my favourite season of the year, so I was so excited to pull out my clothes from under the bed (though to be honest I am excited for that every season). Now even with my minimal wardrobe I was very scared that I was going to have way too many items, but I still pulled everything out, put them on the bed, and started counting.

Now it is important to take note of a few things when you are putting together a capsule wardrobe. This includes the weather, your job, events, and what you are wanting to wear on a daily basis. For me that means that it is going to get really rainy here, but not super cold so lots of things that can get wet, but I don’t need to pull all the sweaters out just yet. I am also working, but currently only going into the office one day a week so I don’t need full office wear, but I am more productive if I am in real clothes. You also need to make sure the things you have match so that there are enough outfits that you won’t be too bored by the end of it all.

Fortunately the number of things that I had weren’t too many more than the limit of 33 so I took a good look at the items, donated a few of them, and saved a few of them until winter. Overall this was a pretty seamless process, and went much faster than I was expecting it to. I find that every time I go through an experiment like this I am able to pare down my wardrobe even more, though I do feel like there is always a lot under my bed.

Now here are the items that I will be wearing for the next three months:

TOPS (13):

  1. Pink/Blue button up
  2. Grey flannel
  3. Red flannel
  4. Blue/White striped shirt
  5. Cream henley
  6. Black t-shirt
  7. Green shirt
  8. Grey shirt
  9. Striped flower shirt
  10. Orange shirt
  11. Orange sweater
  12. Yellow button sweater
  13. Purple 3/4 sweater


  1. Blue jeans
  2. Black jeans
  3. Black cropped pants
  4. Mustard jeans
  5. Green pants
  6. Burgundy pants


  1. Grey Romper
  2. Black and White striped dress


  1. Mustard Cardigan
  2. White Cardigan
  3. Grey Cardigan
  4. Grey/Black Cardigan
  5. Rain Jacket
  6. Green Jacket
  7. Black Long Jacket
  8. Green Vest

SHOES (4):

  1. Brown boots
  2. Red boots
  3. Tall black boots
  4. Blue toms

All together these make up 33 items of clothing, and will be what I am wearing for September, October, and November. I am planning on making monthly update posts on how it is going, if anything changes, and if I am completely regretting my decisions.

Make sure you check back and see how it is going. Let me know if you are inspired to do your own capsule wardrobe or project 333.

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  1. This would be quite easy for me, as I pretty much only wear dresses, which means no coordinating tops and bottoms. 😁 Lazy dressing for the win. 😅 I did a purge of my cardigans a while back and felt like a true librarian. 🤣


    1. Andrea says:

      I am always on the hunt for more dresses! And yes, nothing makes me feel more librarian like than a good coordinating cardigan ☺


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