creating home – main bathroom

This was not the home post that I was planning on writing this month. Last month when I was planning out my blog posts for the month this room was in complete shambles. We had been living with a hole in our wall pretty much the entire time we have been in this house and I couldn’t even imagine it looking any different.

But here we are, with a finished bathroom that I fall more and more in love with every time I enter the room.

First a little back story. When we bought this home this bathroom had one of those walk in bathtubs with the seat and door. It was something that the previous homeowner had put in and we negotiated with her that if she paid for the removal, she could take the tub. So a month after we moved in some people came and removed the tub, leaving a large hole in the wall and broken tile.

We pretty much immediately knew what we wanted to do and hired contractors, bought the tub and tile, and waited for the end of March when the renovation was about to happen. Then Covid-19 hit and everything changed. The combination of losing jobs and not wanting people in our house means we pushed off the renovation. By the time we were okay financially things were really backed up and we couldn’t get back in for the contractors until mid-August so we just waited with the bathroom we really didn’t like and without a bathtub which I was really missing.

The week of construction was great. It was so interesting to see the whole process of how everything worked and how they put together our new bathroom. Even from the first day of demolition it looked so much better and every day I could see us getting closer to the bathroom that we really wanted.

I personally love baths so I chose the deepest tub that I could and I can tell you that it is great. I went with a simple subway tile, but in the two insets that we had put it we had a fun hexagon pattern with lots of different colours that give such a fun look.

Once the bathtub and tile were in we had some more work to do. We painted the bathroom a shade of blue with a bit of grey in it that I feel goes well with the accent tile as well as the rest of the house. Nigel also took this time to spruce up the cabinets with some white paint and they look brand new.

Perhaps the biggest job that Nigel had to take on was some dry-walling as when we took down the light we found that there was a big hole in the wall. Nigel did a great job of patching up the wall and making it look good as new. We then put up a new bulb light and a nice plain mirror to replace a big framed mirror that was just a bit much.

On the walls we have a few pieces of artwork. Above the toilet we have three white hexagon shelves that hold a few body products as well as some fake plants as there is no natural light in this room at all. On the wall by the mirror is a painting that my Grandma did that has now become a bathroom art piece for us. On the other wall we have an Ikea art piece my mom wasn’t using and since it went with the colour scheme it worked out perfectly.

We also replaced the towel bar with some hooks which I really like the look of and also have a simple vase filled with some more fake plants (#nolight).

This room is now so relaxing and perfect for my baths. Now this is definitely the room that we have spent the most money on so far in the house between the tub, tile, and contractors, but it gives me so much joy to walk into now. Also apart from the tub installation most of the other pieces we got for the room really helped to also transform in and with a relatively low cost.

I am so excited to show off this room and to spend lots of time taking baths and relaxing in my new bathroom. What is the last room that you reno-ed?

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  1. CARAMEL says:

    Looks fabulous Andrea!


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