fall 2020 bucket list

2 thoughts on “fall 2020 bucket list”

  1. Your fall goals look great! Yeah, having to adjust seasonal goals to think about crowds, what’s open, etc, is challenging. The goals I’ve had since the pandemic started have been pretty limited to specific areas of my life, but I’ve just recently started to branch out!
    This fall, I’d love to buy a few new cozy fall/winter clothes to enjoy being cozy in, take pictures for fall photoshoots, decorate my room for the season, bake some delicious apple/pumpkin desserts, and share fall-themed posts on my blog!


  2. I LOVE fall, it’s my absolute favourite season of the year, even though it tends to be so short and leads into the season of endless gloom. This years is definitely going to look a bit different, but I’m excited to carve a pumpkin with my toddler – well, daddy will do the carving, and toddler will get to play with the messy pumpkin guts. 😀


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