pruning and waiting – september garden update

Things have really slowed down at the garden so there isn’t a lot to report but there are still some things for me to share so I do think these posts will be able to go on for a few more months before a winter hiatus.

This is the first month that we don’t have any harvests. Our main producers of beans have all finished up and we are so close to harvesting our butternut squashes. Some of them are fully grown, we are just waiting for them to ripen more before we can pick them. We have pruned the vines quite a bit so that all the energy is going to the squash and not to the flowers and vines.

We have also been pruning all of the brussels sprouts and they are growing very well. We are still hoping to have our brussels sprouts on the table for Thanksgiving dinner so check in next month to see if that is truly the case. We have been removing the leaves from the bottom up in order for the sprouts to grow and it has been working very well.

Our sunflowers are starting to slowly droop and die as well. I was able to pick some and have them displayed in the home (though I did bring a few ants in with them…) which was so lovely to have. I sincerely hope that these sunflowers gave people smiles as they passed the garden and they were such a welcome surprise.

Our fall planting of beans and broccoli are growing, but I am not sure yet if they will be successful so we will see on those.

Now for the new things I have done this month. I planted a few crops in the garden with a few rows of onions, as well as some fall beets and radishes. The onions will overwinter and hopefully be ready in the spring and I am hoping to get one more harvest out of the beets and radishes before it gets too cold.

Another overwintering crop that I have planted is some garlic in our backyard. Garlic takes a very long time to grow so it will be a long time before I find out if this worked at all, but I am excited to try and grow my own garlic.

The only other thing I have left to plant are some flower bulbs that I will be planting in the next week which I will let you know more about in the next post, but I am excited to have some flowers in front on my home in the spring.

Are your gardens winding down? Are there things you have planted for a fall harvest or to overwinter?

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