fall project 333 – one month update


I have officially been wearing the same 33 items of clothing for one month now. Summer stuck around for a bit longer than I was expecting so there were a few days when I wish I had shorts to wear still, but overall I think it is starting off really well.

If you haven’t read my intro post to this fall project 333 you can check it out here

I am going to start with what didn’t work this month to get it out of the way, but overall it wasn’t too bad.

I switched one item of clothing up before I had worn it. I realized that I needed to switch a casual button up for something more work appropriate so I switched my grey button up for a grey blouse that I can wear for work. I did this before I wore the button up at all so it worked out well.

As alluded to before it has been quite a warm September her in southern British Columbia so there were some wishes for some shorter pants or skirts, but since I was inside working most of the time it was okay. There was a walk for frozen yogurt where I stole some summer clothes back as I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle walking in my fall clothing.

Also a fail was taking lots of photos of my outfits. I have a few to share, but overall I had grand plans that didn’t really happen. I did keep track of all of my outfits however so you will hear about those later.

Here are a few of the photos that I did take, both on a day out of the office (hence the mask) and in an in office working day (with a sneak peak of the office makeover).

I realized that there was an accessory that I didn’t mention in my last post and that is masks. I will also not be counting masks in my 33 items, because you need to wash and switch out masks often as well as I like having some fun patterns to add to my look when I am leaving the house.

Now onto some of my stats

I have been tracking every day what I have been wearing to see what I have/haven’t worn and also what I wear the most. In the first month I only didn’t wear one item, my long black jacket. I am not surprised about this as it will be more used when the weather gets a bit colder. Other than that I wore everything at least once.

Since I am at home most of the time my shoes are not getting as much wear as they normally would and a lot of my work days I don’t go outside unless I am walking to my garden and then I am in workout clothes.

The items I have worn the most is not surprising to me as they are my blue and black jeans as I think jeans are so comfortable and since I am working at home I can wear jeans all the time! Also up there are some cardigans which are cozy for when working at home and the grey shirt you see in the first photo which I think is so fun.

Overall I am definitely not tired of these clothes just yet. I am excited for the weather to get cooler so I can start wearing the sweaters and jackets out more and to cozy up in the button ups that I have.

I am loving doing new things with some of my pieces such as wearing a shirt under my jumpsuit and I can’t wait to see the new combinations that I come up with next.

Do you have any questions about my closet or doing a project 333? One of my updates I would like to do a audit of my clothes looking at if they were fast fashion, from an ethical brand, or second hand as well as some of my tips and tricks for getting the most out of your wardrobe so look out for those!

One week of clothes prepared and planned

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  1. I find this so fascinating! I should track what I actually wear – I’m sure I have more than a few items in my wardrobe that don’t get worn very often. I’m currently on leave from the library, so my outfits have definitely been all casual, all the time! 😉


  2. I’m doing this challenge too! It’s a lot easier with it being 2020 because I stick with lounge wear most days.
    I plan to do an update in January.

    ~ Brittanyhttps://mindbeautysimplicity.wordpress.com/

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