sabotage and successes – october garden update

In what will be my final garden update of 2020 I have a lot to share about, both highs and lows of the garden season.

I think I will start with the bad to get it out of the way. In late summer I had planted some fall veggies; including broccoli and snap peas. These were kept in pots right outside our community garden plot, something that many people do. The broccoli wasn’t doing much, but the peas were coming up amazing and there were lots that were so close to being ready to pick.

Sadly when we went to the garden right before thanksgiving to harvest some vegetables we found that all of the plants had been cut. It was very clearly cut and not torn out which almost makes it worse and it was really sad to see. Nothing inside our garden was touched, including our fully grown squash, but they took all of the plants that were growing for the fall.

So that was our sad moment of the month.

Most of the other fall seeds I planted didn’t really seem to do much other, including more beets and radishes. The onion I haven’t seen anything from yet, but since that is supposed to grow until spring I am not worried yet.

I have already had garlic start to sprout in the backyard which I don’t know if it is too early, but it is exciting either way. Most of the plot is still showing no signs of anything, but since garlic takes so long to grow I am not worried.

Now onto the real successes. We managed to have brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving! Now it was only a very small side dish (good thing it wasn’t a big family dinner) but they were delicious and I was so proud to have something that I had grown on the holiday table.

We also managed to harvest 7 Butternut squashes. The biggest is over 8 pounds and is massive and while the others are much smaller they still look so great and I am so proud of them. We haven’t had a chance to cook them yet (though I am planning on it soon) so I can’t comment on the taste, but overall it worked really well.

Now all that is left is a bit more clean up. I hope to get a few more brussels sprouts, but we shall see if any more keep growing, but we have to clean up the sunflower finally, trim our rosemary bush that it is getting a bit out of control (let me know if you live near me and want some fresh rosemary as I can hook you up), and prep the garden for winter.

I am already starting to dream up my 2021 plans. Let me know if you have started to plan your next year’s garden and what you are wanting to plant.

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