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This room is one of the final room is this series (for now) and is one that I wasn’t expecting to do just yet. While my desk and office-y things went into this room when we first moved in, it was a room that we spent no time in as the room was a colour that neither of us liked, there was no organization, and we had no real reason to be in there.

Then lockdown happened and I started to be working from home. Even then I didn’t go into this room, I worked from the dining room table. I had an office and I didn’t even want to use it. I knew that I wanted to do something with this room, as an office for now, but also make it a functional room since one day this will be either a playroom or another bedroom and I didn’t want to have to change too much when that happened.

This was a very inexpensive room redo as we had many of the furniture scattered in other parts of the home that we updated for this room which is a great way to do things.

This room is right at the front of the house and the main door enters from the front hallway. This is the only room that uses this golden brown flooring which is bright and cheery and I wanted a bright room to go alongside of it. While the furniture in most of the house is black and brown I wanted this room to feature white and gold and am very happy with how it turned out.

We painted the walls a sage green colour that did so much right away to brighten up the space from the old brown wall colour. On one of the walls Nigel painted a rainbow that I absolutely love. I had seen these rainbows all over Pinterest and loved how they looked and knew it was pretty easy way to give some colour to the walls. It took a bit to figure out whether I wanted the stripes to be orange or pink but eventually settled on these terracotta colours that I think work really well. I went into Home Depot and found a paint strip of four colours that I all liked and bought samples of the four which was more than enough paint to paint the rainbow.

On this wall with the door I have a Cacti print hung with an Ikea frame, a cork/white board that my dad built years ago and we also painted to match the decor. From the ceiling we hung my golden pothos plant which I love to see hanging up there.

The Ikea desk and chest were old that we have had for years. The desk we updated by painting the legs with gold spray paint to match the decor and make it look nicer than the cheapest desk that Ikea sells.

In the corner I store my workout supplies as well as a tree that I am trying to nurse back to health.

This empty section of wall is going to store my newly painted hope chest. It was from the 70’s so it was a style that I didn’t really love, but with a fresh coat of white paint and some new knobs and hinges it is a great place for some extra storage.

The other ikea cabinet is new, but is a great place to store the router, printer, as well as storage where I keep my supplies for wrapping gifts (old gift bags, brown paper, tissue paper to reuse) as well as old school notes that I have wanted to keep. Once the chest is in this room I will be hanging up my degrees on the wall. (They are currently resting on the printer)

Separating this room and the second bedroom (which is the only room we haven’t touched are some french doors which I think is a very nice feature. Above the doors we have displayed some of Nigel’s lego which looks great up there. This shelf was originally there, but was attached to the wall in a very odd way so we took it down and put it up with some brackets we spray painted gold.

On this final wall we have our tray tables stored as well as a few prints from Ikea in some simple frames from the dollar store.

This has become a room that I actually enjoy being in for many hours of the day. I love how light and bright it is which helps with my work and I can see this being a room that will be very easy to transition to whatever it may become in the future.

Have you transformed an office space in 2020 for Work From Home? What is your WFH set up like?

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  1. What a beautiful space! I love the rainbow!!


  2. Oh my God it looks so good!! I love the colors so much!!


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