fall project 333: month two recap

Month two is complete! I have officially been wearing the same 33 items of clothing for over 60 days and it is still going strong. If you want to find out more about my Intro to Project 333 and Month One you can check them out!

This month has really been a fall month with lots of cooler weather, some rain starting, and the leaves started changing. This meant that I could really start utilizing all of the sweaters and coats that I wasn’t able to touch in September.

I once again tracked what I wore each day to check in what I was wearing most. Similar to last month I wore my blue and black jeans the most since they are super comfy and work well when working at home. Most of the other items were worn pretty evenly. I didn’t capture too many outfits, ut here are a few that I wore on the weekends.

There were two items that I didn’t wear at all this month; my green jacket and mustard cardigan. The cardigan is definitely something that is on my list to maybe get rid of since I have only worn it once in the past two months despite having so few clothes. Besides that I am still loving everything, but we will see how the final month goes.

I think I definitely have enough shirts as I have not gotten tired of them at all, I wish however that I had at least one more pair of pants, especially something neutral I can pair with everything. I have also realized that I put too many jackets in this capsule wardrobe. Since I am working from home I am not needing a jacket every day so there are a bunch that are barely getting worn at all.

I haven’t really been missing the rest of my wardrobe yet, but as it continues to get a bit colder I think I will wish that I had more sweaters to wear. I also wish that I had another dress or skirt and I keep looking whenever I am at a thrift store, but I haven’t found the perfect thing yet.

Where are my clothes from?

I figured it would be interesting to look at where my clothes are from in terms of fast-fashion, second hand, or ethical stores. Note: I am categorizing anything that was bought new from a place that wasn’t ethical/sustainable to be fast fashion.

Ethical Stores: 4

Fast Fashion: 4

Second Hand: 25

This makes a lot of sense to me. I do like purchasing most of my clothes from the thrift store, but I generally like to make a few ethical clothing purchases a year. Though they can be more expensive they also I find are better quality as well as are great when I am looking for something specific that I can’t find at the thrift store.

All of my fast fashion purchases are at least three years old and are still things that I wear all of the time. I have very little desire to shop from regular stores anymore and by not doing so I find that it is way easier to keep my wardrobe minimal.

And that is it for my second month update for my Project 333! I feel like it has been going super well and I don’t feel like the final month is going to be difficult at all. I am excited to pull out winter clothes in December, and while I won’t be going straight into another Project 333 I will be seeing if I can keep the winter clothes to a minimum.

Have you ever done a capsule wardrobe? Let me know if you have any comments or questions about doing one!

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  1. I’m also participating in project 333! Such a fun challenge 😊💕

    – Brittany
    Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest


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