what work from home looks like now

For me at least, working from home doesn’t look like it is ending any time soon. Back in the beginning of April I wrote a post called “working from home – my tips and tricks” and work from home looked very different then. Seven months later more routines have been made, some things have gotten better and some things I am more lazy in, but overall this has become more a part of my life than I ever imagined.

The first difference in my work from home life now is that I have an actual office. Before I was working at the Dining Room table and while there was nothing wrong with that I couldn’t shut myself off for video calls, I was right in the middle of everything going on with Nigel, and I couldn’t really set up a space. Now in my office I can spread out my things, have a spot to put all of my papers, be surrounded by plants and things that make me happy, and it is a space that is only my work space.

I still get dressed for work which I still find helpful, but caring about my hair and makeup has really gone by the wayside. Sometimes you can even find me getting dressed and making my tea with two minutes before my work day begins (which I know isn’t the best), but even it the outfits are thrown together quickly it is easier to work that way than if I am still wearing my pajamas.

I always start every day by looking at my to-do list. I like making a weekly to-do list for work instead of daily ones so that I can spread my work out over the full week and also so I don’t feel stressed if I can’t get everything done all in one day. I like making goals in the morning for things I would like to get done and then I get to work.

Working at home has some great benefits including taking moments throughout the day to get up to make a cup of tea, put on a load of laundry, or water a plant that looks a bit dry. Taking these few moments throughout the day helps to keep me on task as my brain needs small breaks to stay focused.

Now I am still going into the office once or twice a week as one of my projects needs to be done with the physical records kept at the office (and sadly I can’t transport multiple bankers boxes back and forth every single week) which is also nice in its own way as a change of pace. This does mean that I have to plan my week out very well as my office days need to be very focused on what I have to do at the office. I usually make a post-it note list of every document I need to print, if there is anything I need to look at in person, and anything else that I may not be able to do from home.

Setting up organization at home has also been important for me. I picked up a few magazine holders from Ikea that I store a few folders with my three projects organized as well as any general documentation. This makes it easy to pick out what I need to take with me to the office or if I need to grab something quickly while in a meeting.

While I never imagined that I would ever have a job that would have me working from home, this seems to be my life (at least for the next little while).

Let me know in the comments, are you working from home? What tips and tricks to you have to make it better?

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  1. Zoewiezoe says:

    I still love the way you decorated the office!

    Myself, I’ve been working from home since March (with a 2 days a week exception in july and august) and it’s been a ball. I totally relate to the hair and makeup (although I do sometimes still try depending on meetings I may have). Mostly it’s just me spreading work hours over an entire day instead of 8 in a row which I love. And a lot of Netflix distractions 🤪


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