why we do this – halfway through hallmark 2020

The question that Nigel and I have been getting over and over whenever we talk about our challenge of watching all 40 2020 Hallmark Christmas movies is “why?”. People automatically think that this is some form of torture that we are putting ourselves through, but really it is so much more.

Truly we understand that these movies are not the greatest. You only have to drive past the movie sets three weeks before they are set to premier to understand this, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyable. We love the time that we get to spend together watching these movies, making fun of them, and talking about the characters and storylines. Plus it is the perfect time to build all of the Christmas Lego that we have.

Also who doesn’t love a movie that you know is going to have a happy ending? Sometimes you need something where you know the ending (especially in a year like this one) and knowing that the two main characters are going to fall in love is wonderful.

Yes, some of these movies are a little bit painful to get through, but others we have been pleasantly surprised by. There is witty banter, adorable children, couples who do have chemistry, and beautiful scenery. Plus since so many of these movies are filmed right around us we love getting to spot some of our favourite stores, bakeries, parks, and trails.

Now I remarked in my initial post about some of the failing of Hallmark in terms of diversity in both race and gender and it is still mostly white (or at least white passing). There has been some representation, but most most of it seems to be in the side characters and not the main pairings, as I discovered when I did looked at my notes. And so far we have had two same sex couples. One in a movie that focuses on a full family and one of the couples are married, gay, and working on an adoption (The Christmas House) and another has a small romance from a side character (Christmas with the Darlings). So we haven’t yet gotten to a full movie about a same sex couple, but this is definitely more than in the past.

I have been tracking a few things which I will share shortly, but here are a few things that are very common in these movies:

  1. Town Festivals (christmas tree lightings, cranberry festivals, concerts)
  2. Christmas Tree Farms (or more often lots in city alleyways)
  3. Mistaken Identities
  4. One person loves Christmas and the other doesn’t
  5. Dead parents
  6. Cute Children (either one of the main characters or a niece/nephew)

Now of the 20 Movies we have seen so far 13 have been filmed in and around Vancouver (and other parts of British Columbia), which is by far the majority. I know that this is in part due to Covid-19 and filming being a bit safer in Canada where cases are a bit lower (but increasing rapidly now).

Now for the best movies so far. You can keep up with our stats in real time through my Instagram under the highlight “Hallmark 2020” but here are some of the best ones so far.

Top Favourites

  1. Chateau Christmas 4/5
  2. One Royal Holiday 4.5
  3. Holly and Ivy 4/5
  4. A Timeless Christmas 5/5
  5. A Nashville Christmas Carol 4/5
  6. The Christmas House 4.5/5

Least Favourites

  1. The Christmas Ring 1.5/5
  2. Deliver by Christmas 1.5/5

Now we are both nowhere near tired of these movies yet so we will keep on watching, building lego, searching out filming locations that we know and love, and enjoying our time together.

Please let me know if you watch any of these movies and what you think!

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