changing seasons – my final project 333 month

I was getting dressed on November 30 and I turned to my husband and said, “tomorrow I get to wear something new!” 91 days have past since I started my fall project 333 journey of only wearing 33 items of clothing. To his credit Nigel said that it hasn’t seemed like that long and there isn’t anything that I have worn too much so that helps to prove that people actually won’t notice. 😛

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This month raincouver has really started to live up to its name and I can really tell by looking at how many times I wore my rain jacket and I feel like I barely leave the house.

I feel like that leads me to my first fails for this project 333. I picked the right amount of outerwear and shoes for a normal year, not a pandemic year. Most of my time is spent at home right now and I am trying to leave the house as little as possible. This means that looking at my jackets and certain shoes it looks like I don’t like them, when in reality I just didn’t have the same chances to wear them as I may have liked. So I will be packing them away for next fall to give them another chance in a year (hopefully) without a pandemic.

There are a few items that I realized that I don’t love. One of these is my mustard cardigan. I love the colour, but the cut I find isn’t that great on me and I have both other mustard items and other cardigans that I love more. I am on the fence about two other items, my grey blouse and a purple sweater that I find that I am not ever gravitating towards. I am not going to get rid of them yet, but I will make my decision by the end of the winter.

A few other items will be packed away for next year that won’t keep working into the winter. I personally love packing items away because it is like getting a whole new wardrobe every season without spending any money and not creating any more waste.

Ending this challenge also means that I get to dig into my winter clothes and discover some new pieces again. Overall there are eleven clothing items going into my closet from under my bed, mostly heavier sweaters as well as a few pairs of pants. Plus there is my actually winter coat and boots that are stored in the garage that I always bring out just in case we get snow that sticks once.

Now even though I am not transitioning right away into another Project 333 I am always amazed at how few items I am adding to my closet when this is finished. I am quite happy with the size of my wardrobe but also how I am using it to my advantage. Having to limit what I can wear really means that I have to find new ways to use things such as wearing my summer jumpsuit over winter sweaters and layering when my office gets chilly.

So while I am excited to have a few new wardrobe items, I always enjoy taking the time to cut back on my clothes, enjoy what I have, and discover what I really love. I’ll be back.

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