creating home – garage

This is it. The final creating home post for a while. We have almost finished up the entire house with only one room left untouched. The second bedroom won’t be touched for a while as we hope to one day use it as a nursery, and don’t want to do anything with it before then.

So you all are left with the final room of the house, the garage. This is a room that is both boring and exciting, practical and yet spend the least amount of time in it.

I always hoped that we would one day have a garage and it is one room that we have never had in the three places we have lived in. Growing up I had a garage, but it was very much a garage that the car did not go in and was mainly used for storage as well as my dad’s workshop. While I know that one day we may have to store the car in our additional parking space it is my goal to be able to keep the car in the garage for as long as possible which means that organization is key and we have to use the space we have well.

The garage already came with the bench and shelves build in which work pretty well for us. We also have a very large area above where the door goes but it is very shallow so we still have to figure out what can be stored there. We are planning on keeping the christmas tree up there after the christmas season as well.

We have this area all around the top of the garage that is the perfect size to store bins. Unfortunately the bins that we did have were too tall for everywhere in the garage so we have to get new Ikea bins, but these ones fit perfectly plus they are clear so we can sea everything in them. Some of the things we store up here are Christmas decorations, winter coats and boots, memories I want to keep, and other storage items.

Along the one side we keep home items such as paint that is extra from painting the house. This was originally filled with other paint colours, but we recycled all of the paint that no longer matched anything to free up space for us.

On the other side we have food storage. We have a small chest freezer that is great for storing extra food as well as a shelf full of spare pantry storage that we don’t have room for inside. Also on this wall we have things stored such as our small cooler, electronics, and blankets.

Then we have the work wall. This peg board was already there which was great and Nigel spent a lot of time figuring out the best way to get tools on there and we have most of the things that we may need on the wall. On the workbench he also stores his knife sharpener which he loves to use.

Lastly on the wall next to the house we have the garbage/recycling zone. Here we keep all of the various bins for our recycling and garbage. We have the yellow bag for paper, the blue bin for cans, bottles, and containers, the grey bin for glass, one garbage pail for actual garbage and two smaller garbage pails that we use for the two types of plastic that we take to the recycling depot. Everything fits here super well and I am so thankful for all of the work Nigel puts into this area.

Now the only thing I wish we could find a spot for either in the garage or just inside the house in the laundry room is some sort of shoe storage. Even with just the two of us the laundry/mudroom just so cluttered with shoes and I want some sort of solution. There is still work to do in the garage, but overall it does a good job of fitting our needs.

And there you have it, my whole decorated home. I can’t believe that it has been almost a year since we moved in and this year has definitely forced us to make our home work for us and I find that it really has.

Tell me about your garage. Do you have one? How do you organize all those garage things?

I am thinking in the new year I am going to tackle another decluttering series since there are areas that definitely need a clean out and organize. Let me know what area you want me to tackle first!

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