kiss fades to black – a hallmark 2020 review

Well we have done it, we have officially watched all 40 2020 Hallmark Christmas movies. Some were great, some were not so much, but overall we had a great time experiencing all that Hallmark had to offer this year.

If you want to learn about why we are doing this check it out here or if you want to learn about the first 20 movies check it out here.

This was such a fun experiment to do this Christmas when we couldn’t have any other plans and were spending a lot of time on the couch anyways. We loved seeing all the sets around where we live, cringe at bad chemistry, laugh at funny antics, and sometimes miss half the movie because we were so bored. These movies have helped make us feel like it is Christmas when we can’t do most of our other traditions, and connecting with others watching these movies has been fun as well.

Before I get into the best and worst movies of the year I will start with the final 20 movies.

Now it seemed to the both of us that the second batch of movies were not as great as the first half and in some ways that was true. We gave out or first 1 stars in these movies (three of them!), but there were some good ones mixed in there as well.

Also make sure to check out my Hallmark Movies highlight on Instagram for all of our reviews and ratings which is way too much to share all in this blog post.

The best movies of this section were:

  1. Five Star Christmas
  2. The Christmas Waltz
  3. Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are Ringing
  4. Cross Country Christmas

I have found some great Hallmark Instagram’s as well during this month including Five Tree Christmas who rates and reviews all Christmas movies and has a great chart for tracking all of the similar plot lines. Also Hallmark Comics who create some of the greatest comics about these movies that I have ever seen!

In my post about the first half I remarked that 13 of the 20 movies were filmed in British Columbia, now tracking all 40 I can tell you that 26 of the 40 were filmed here with 7 others in other parts of Canada, so we really were the filming place to be this year.

Now for the overall stats:

Overall we gave a 2.5 rating to the most movies and a 5 to only one. We gave out quite a few 4’s as well though. Looking at the scores of all the movies however shows that we gave 21 scores about 2.5, and 19 at 2.5 and below which means that the majority were more than just okay (which is what we considered a 2.5).

In terms of storylines I like road trips, small inns, royal families (sometimes), and old rivalries that turn into something more. I wasn’t a big fan of all the scavenger hunt/searching themes this year as they got really old and I really don’t like any military storylines.

Entire Stats List:

A Timeless Christmas5
One Royal Holiday 4.5
The Christmas House4.5
Five Star Christmas4.5
Chateau Christmas4
Holly and Ivy4
A Nashville Christmas Carol4
The Angel Tree4
A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado4
The Christmas Waltz4
Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are Ringing4
Cross Country Christmas4
Cranberry Christmas3.5
On the 12th Date of Christmas3.5
Christmas With the Darlings3.5
The Christmas Bow3.5
Good Morning Christmas3.5
Christmas by Starlight3.5
Jingle Bell Bride3
A Glenbrooke Christmas3
Christmas Comes Twice3
Christmas Tree Lane2.5
Never Kiss and Man in a Christmas Sweater2.5
Meet Me at Christmas2.5
Christmas in Vienna2.5
The Christmas Doctor2.5
A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance First Love2.5
Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas2.5
Christmas She Wrote2.5
A Christmas Carousel2.5
Project Christmas Wish2.5
Heart of the Holidays2
A Little Christmas Charm2
Lights, Love, Hanukkah2
Deliver by Christmas1.5
The Christmas Ring1.5
Unlocking Christmas1.5
USS Christmas1
If I Only Had Christmas1
Swept Up by Christmas1

Thank you all for following along on this journey. Now, do we continue watching the year round movies?

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