my 2020

well 2020 is over.

And I know, I know, The moment the clock clicks over to midnight and 2021 starts that things aren’t going to magically different, but there is still something about a new year that invokes a new mindset, goals, dreams, and a new start. But before I get into 2021 (that will be the next post). First I want to look back at 2020.

I am currently working on my 2020 photo book which means I am looking at lots of photos, looking back at my planner, and remembering what happened in this crazy year that felt like it dragged on forever, but also sped by.

I figured that I would track it all here, in some short form bullet points to remember, look back, and think about everything that happened this year.


  • Cleaned, packed, organized
  • Moved into our first home!
  • Started training at a new job


  • Started working casually as a librarian
  • Work Training
  • Spent a day shopping in the USA (when is that going to happen again?)
  • Travelled to the Kootney’s for a family wedding (where we were drinking Corona and talking about the virus that was on the other side of the world)


  • Interviewed for Library jobs
  • Got a library contract
  • Quit my Records Management Job
  • Nigel got laid off
  • My world started shutting down and we started staying at home
  • Worked final two weeks from home
  • Started library job
  • Got layoff notice for library job


  • Had my first day off in 27 days
  • Worked library job for two weeks from home
  • Began layoff (started on CERB)
  • Took lots of long walks around the neighbourhood
  • Started buying lots of plants


  • Garden opened
  • (Temporarily) died hair
  • Lots of takeout
  • Helped mom and dad with renos
  • Picnics outside
  • Did Yoga every day


  • Started intentionally diversifying my social media feeds and learning more about ways that I and the world are racist
  • Started working for camp
  • Brunch with friends
  • Got a long-needed haircut
  • Spent lots of time at the garden
  • CSA started


  • Weddings (small and online)
  • Worked Stillwood Prom
  • Started Home Church
  • Lots of garden time


  • Started working for Metro Vancouver again
  • Lots of time outside with friends
  • Bathroom got renovated
  • Anniversary one day trip to the Okanagan
  • Drive through PNE


  • Complex Pizza Party
  • Created our own MCC sale
  • Started a Marriage Course


  • BC Election
  • Took Fall Photos
  • Got my Flu Shot
  • Started our bread journey
  • Started watching Hallmark Christmas movies!


  • Online games nights!
  • Gave blood
  • Watched lots of Hallmark movies
  • Fall Walks


  • Got new glasses
  • Interviewed for a new job
  • Got the job!
  • Left Metro Vancouver (again)
  • Baked and delivered lots of Christmas cookies
  • Spent a quiet Christmas with board games, sleeping in the living room, and lots of relaxing

Now I know that in the grand scheme of things our year was a lot better than most, yes we had scary moment when we had a brand new mortgage and both lost our jobs in the same month, but we had support systems in place to help us through those times. Yes we spent a lot of time home alone, but we had outside visits with friends and family, and lots of zoom calls and games nights to connect with those we love.

Nigel and I got to spend so much time together this year and I think our marriage is better for it. Getting to have lunch together, go on walks, and put our house together this year has been so lovely and I am so thankful that we did move in January and have space to live when we weren’t leaving the house. When I start work in January I will be going to the office every day and it will be weird to be apart for so long.

This was a year of working together. A global pandemic really has a way of making you feel like you are all in this together. It was heartening to see the world help each other and people show their love and appreciation. Now I know that that isn’t the case with everyone, but I like to focus on the good. Now with vaccines we have hope, but we aren’t out of the woods yet and we need to keep being kind and being safe.

This was also a year of learning and growth. When George Floyd was killed and protests began a lot of people (including me) starting learning more about more about the history of racism and how it still persists in society today. There were things that I thought I knew a lot about and books that I had read, but this year I really started to look deep at my own life, my own prejudices, and how I have been shaped by the society that we live in.

I was so thankful to have a garden throughout the summer. It was originally closed in March, but when it opened I was there almost every day. It was so nice to have a place to go when there was no where else we could go and it was something that got me out of the house on days when I wanted to do nothing. Plus we got to eat lots of things that we grew from carrots and beans, to brussels sprouts and butternut squash!

I ended up quitting the same job twice in one year, something I never expected to do. I was heartbroken when I lost my job as a librarian almost as soon as I got it, but having a few months of not working was very healing to my body and mind as I realized that I had burnt myself out. Then I got invited to go back to work for my old job and was thankful to have that for the second half of the year. Now I am ending my year with a permanent librarian contract, my final day at this job (again) and an even bigger appreciation for work and doing the thing that I love.

It is so crazy to think about everything that happened this year, and while I am happy it is over it did have some good memories.

Tell me about some of your 2020 memories in the comments, or let me know something that you learned this year about yourself, the world, or anything else.

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