2021 goals and intentions


There are two types of people in this world. People who set New Years Resolutions, and people who think they are stupid. I personally really like setting goals and intentions at the beginning of the year and while I don’t think they need to be super specific, they at least can help me shape how I want my year to go. Now I know 2020 turned out nothing like I planned it to be, but I still thought I would look back at my 2020 goals and see how things changed and adapted and if there were things I was able to do.

  1. Consistency – I want to focus this year on finishing the things that I start and making great habits throughout my life whether that is working out, meal planning, or anything else
    • DID THIS HAPPEN? – Yes and No. I definitely had ups and downs with consistency and habits, but it really helped me to understand that being consistent helps me to stay relaxed
  2. Take time to relax – Over the past few months I have really found solace in my weekly yoga class and found that it has done well for my mental health. I want to make sure that I keep making space in my life for relaxing and taking care of my mental health
    • DID THIS HAPPEN? – Yes, but not in the way I was expecting. Being laid off made me realize how burnt out I was and having a few months of nothing really helped me to get back to myself and figure out who I am and what I wanted to be doing. I obviously couldn’t keep going to my physical yoga class, but I did do a few months of yoga and will be doing that again this January with Nigel.
  3. Open up my home – Nigel and I will be moving into our own home this upcoming month and while my brain has been filled with furniture and paint colours, more than anything I am excited to have people over and fill it up with the people that I love. It is our goal to have monthly open houses and I am excited to get those started
    • DID THIS HAPPEN? No. We obviously were not able to open our home up to filled houses and lots of food which was a big disappointment, but we did what we could. We hosted a group of friends for home church in the summer and early fall where we sat apart and wore masks while experiencing life together, we had a few friends for small meals when cases were low, and showed off the house on facetime when we couldn’t do more.
  4. Cook more – Early in our marriage I did most of the cooking, but with how our schedules have changed I rarely cook and when I do it is easy stuff on the weekend. I want to put more effort into the things that I make in 2020 whether that is doing better with my planning, making more ahead, and planning better meals for the weekend
    • DID THIS HAPPEN? I think so? Meal planning didn’t happen to the same extent because we were both home all of the time and didn’t need to have such a plan, but I do think I was able to cook and bake more when I could.
  5. Read – now this won’t be surprising to people, but what may be surprising is that I am not setting myself a lofty goal. I don’t want to feel like I have to read a certain number of books to be successful. I want to read what I want to read and when I want to read it.
    • DID THIS HAPPEN? Yes. I had such a good reading year this year, where I didn’t care about the number, but just that I was really books that spoke to me and made me happy. If you haven’t read the top 20 books of 2020, make sure to check it out!
  6. Continuation – There are goals that I have started in the past such as my journey to be more vegetarian, to work towards a more zero waste lifestyle, and to get rid of the things in my life that are not serving me. I would like to continue with these previous goals and continue on an upward trajectory with these items.
    • DID THIS HAPPEN? Sort of? I feel like a lot of my zero waste goals were hit hard by the pandemic as convenience worked into my life, but I was able to keep keeping my life minimal, and Nigel and I still have a pretty meat free diet and once again we are going vegetarian for January.

Now for my 2021 goals, many of which will be similar to those from this past year.

  1. Preparation – whether this is in meal planning, outfit planning, or anything else I find that I am more relaxed and ready to go when I am able to prepare. This saves me time on my early mornings, makes things easier when I don’t have the ability to think, and helps to keep Nigel and I on the same page.
  2. Don’t overcommit. – I am starting 2021 with a new job, no longer working from home, and a lot of changes are coming. I want to make sure that I don’t get overwhelmed with too many things so I want to keep things minimal, at least until I can get into a good routine of my life is working now.
  3. Move my body – Working out in some way, whether that is yoga, hiking, pilates, or going to the gym makes me feel good, but it is so easy for me to get out of the habit. I want to make sure that I am continuing to move my body throughout the year. My new workspace will have a brand new gym so I am exited to use that if it feels safe, and Nigel and I are going to be doing things together such as yoga every day in January and making it a goal to go for a walk in a new park every weekend.
  4. Read – having a low reading goal last year was so great for my reading habits and I am continuing that again this year. My official reading challenges and goals for the year will be coming out in a few weeks, but I want to continue reading what I love and not being worried about the number.
  5. Switch more items to Zero Waste alternatives – this is something that (sort of) fell by the wayside in 2020, but I have a few things that already are going to help me on this journey including samples of laundry strips and switching my body lotion to unpackaged ones. I want to continue to find ways to reduce waste in the upcoming year.
  6. Let go – I don’t know what will happen in the next year and nothing taught that more to me than 2020. I want to keep things in open hands and not hold on to them so tightly so that when plans and circumstances change it is easier to move on to the next thing.

There are my goals for 2021. Are you making intentions for 2021? If so, what are they?

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  1. sophrilreads says:

    These are some really great goals for this year. I wish you the best this year.


  2. Carly | FearlessFemaleTravels.com says:

    I’m so excited to read more in 2021 too!


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