one year of home

Just over a year ago Nigel and I moved into our home. Now we had moved quite a bit in the first few years of our marriage; 4 times in the first year and a half to be exact so we had gotten quite good at the whole moving things, but they were all to places we were renting and while they were our homes, we couldn’t do much to them. But then here we were in a house that was quite empty, full reign over wall colour, furniture, and well, everything.

It has been a great adventure making this house a home over the past 365 days; from picking out paint colours (which is so overwhelming), to putting holes in the walls to hang photos, and finding furniture I love to fill the space. Now due to the pandemic I spent even more time within these walls than I ever imagined and I love that I had this space to call home in a year when so much turned upside-down.

Here is what this home has been for me:

  1. A Place of Peace – I am a person who craves peace and having a place to come home every night where I can get away from the stress of the world and curl up with a book, run a hot bath, or bake some treats is important to me
  2. A Yummy Kitchen – Nigel and I both love to cook and bake and that means that the kitchen is always being used. This year Nigel and I have had a few big baking days where we make 4 or 5 recipes all at once and they have been such fun days with lots of delicious treats at the end
  3. New Traditions – Being able to start traditions that I hope to continue in the future has been such a blessing. On Christmas Eve we brought our mattress out to the living room and watched Christmas movies by the light of the tree. I can’t wait to continue to do this in the future.
  4. A Love of Plants – I never discovered my love of plants until I had a place with light where I could place them all. This year I have watched some plants thrive, some plants die (oops), and figured out what I can and can’t grow in the home that I have.
  5. A Place of my Own – Whether it is painting a rainbow on the wall, picking out tile for the bathroom, or planting flower bulbs in front I love having a place that is ours.

This home will grow and evolve with us over the years and I am sure there will always be projects on our mind (aka the master bathroom shower), but I know there is no rush at all. It feels like we just moved in, but also that we have lived here for years (but that may be the fact that we didn’t leave the house for months).

What do you love about your home? What makes a place home for you?

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