declutter with me – bathrooms

Welcome back to my home and welcome back to my declutter series. I have restarted this series on my blog as I have been living in my home for a year now and I have started to notice things starting to pile up and I needed a refresh. Today I am taking you through my bathrooms, which I have decided to do together as one of them stores very little and mostly just needed a clean, but the other one had a lot of storage to go through.

I will be starting with our main bathroom. This bathroom we redid in the summer and while it is the main bathroom to use when we have guests we don’t store many products here. I use this bathroom for my baths, but not much else is stored here. Here is what everything looked like before.

As you can see this one wasn’t too bad. I had some tidying to do as well as some empty containers to fill. Most of the drawers under the sink just sit empty, or just have my few candles and a lighter as you can see.

I started by filling up my containers with some epsom salts as well as making more bubble bath. Both these are super simple where I put drops of essential oils into the epsom salts to make them scented and mix castile soap, glycerin, and water together to make bubble bath.

When cleaning out the main area I realized that the baby shampoo that I use to clean my makeup brushes had spilled so I had to clean up that, but there was nothing to remove. On the left side I had a drawer with face masks and body lotion, including some samples I am working on finishing up, and my cabinet where I keep my bath things. I organized those few, finally getting rid of the old disposable razor that I had. I have been using my refillable razor for almost two years now and was only keeping that one for emergencies, but it is so old now that I had to throw it out.

Here are the final cleaned up areas. I also created a small basket of period products I still have in the house. I have been using reusable pads for years, but I still have some things left over that should be in the main bathroom in case anyone ever needs them.

Now onto the other bathroom. This bathroom is our master and the one that gets used day to day and thus has a lot more products. I am going to divide this one into three area; the shelves, the sink area, and the medicine cabinet.

Starting with the wall shelves which stores towels and my mirror up top and then a variety of bins down below. This is where I store extra products, travel items, bags, and my nail polish.

The first bin is all my husbands shaving and hair cutting accessories and is organized so I didn’t touch that at all. My nail polish area wasn’t too bad, but there were two very old polishes I got rid of as they were very old and not looking great anymore. The next one held travel products (which I hope I get to use again someday). There were a few products here that I got rid of as well as they were so old and looking gross, but most of it just got a reorganization.

Next was my general extras products which just needed a tidy. I have lots of soaps to use as well as a few deodorants, shower scrubs, and a few things I moved to the travel bin. There was a spray hand sanitizer that I have taken to work as that is where I am using a lot of hand sanitizer.

Then I had two more bins that are mostly used in the context of travel. One is filled with containers to put travel products in and one is full of bags of various sizes. These both had way more than I would ever need so I have but a few of each to the side to donate and then was able to organize everything better.

Everything fits much nicer now and I am able to see what I have to use.

Next we move onto the sink. The worst drawer is definitely the hair drawer where everything just looks like it exploded. Once it was tidied it looked much nicer along with the cabinet underneath and the big cabinet. I moved all of the teeth cleaning products to the same area and organized everything in a way that made more sense to us. I somehow missed the first hair product photo so you only get the cleaned up one.

Finally it was the medicine cabinet. We had some packaging that I could get rid of as well as a few expired products to throw out. I got rid of one skincare product that I had had for years and tidied things up, but things mostly stayed the same here.

Overall this was very successful, even though I didn’t get rid of piles of products. It is so nice to go through spaces, clean and tidy, wipe down shelves that never get fully cleaned, and figure out what you do need to use. I have a small pile of thrift store things and some items that needed to be tossed, but now everything is much more accessible for future use.

Tips for bathroom declutters:

  1. Check expiry dates on products
  2. Use up samples of small products that are lying around
  3. Keep similar items together so you don’t buy multiples of the same items
  4. Don’t keep products you don’t use or that don’t work for you lying around
  5. Keep track of what you don’t use and don’t need to buy again or can switch to a more reusable option

Decluttering is very therapeutic for me and it always makes me feel better when I have finished.

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What areas of your home do you need to clean out?

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