a february 10×10

New year, new job, and another 10×10 challenge. If you have followed me for a while you will know that I really enjoy doing wardrobe challenges, including doing 10×10 where I wear only 10 items of clothing for 10 days in a row. Everyone does this differently, and I sometimes do this challenge differently as well, but this time my rules were:

  • Shoes count
  • Outerwear doesn’t
  • Purse doesn’t

This 10 by 10 included work, work where I was moving lots of books and things around my library before it opened, and a weekend so I knew I needed a variety of clothing to make it work. I have picked up some new to me pieces recently when thrifting, but the rest of these are older clothing items that I love. I also got a Schitt’s Creek shirt for Christmas that I absolutely love, but since I don’t own many graphic tee’s I figured it would be great to style it for this project.

Here is what I chose:

Tops: 5

  • Grey Cardigan: Thrifted
  • Rose Apothecary T-Shirt: Christmas gift
  • Floral Striped T-Shirt: Thrifted (one of the oldest pieces I own)
  • Green Sweater: Thrifted
  • White Blouse: Newly Thrifted

Bottoms: 3

  • Blue Jeans – Newly Thrifted
  • Mustard Pants – Thrifted
  • Black Capri Dress Pants – Thrifted

Shoes: 2

  • Black Boots – handmedown from mom
  • Brown ankle boots – picked up from a clothing swap

Now I am not always the best at taking photos but I did so much better this time, taking 9 photos. Since I was inside for most of them, they don’t include the shoes that I wore, but I went back and forth between them pretty evenly.

Days 1-3:

Days 4,5,7:

Days 8-10:

Now I think that that was one of my most successful 10×10’s yet. In the past I have had some trouble with the items that I picked not working and having to switch things out and I didn’t do that at all this time. I was able to mix and match with almost everything and had outfits that worked for casual weekends as well as work.

As this was done in a Lower Mainland BC February I knew that we would be getting a lot of rain, but we were surprised with some beautiful sunny days as well as some very cold ones and I felt like these pieces worked for everything.

As I look forward to spring and bringing out some of the clothes that have been in storage it was nice to have a mix of sweaters and warmer pieces in this 10×10 and discover some new ways to wear items that I love.

Do you do wardrobe challenges? How do you decide what to choose?

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  1. YAY! I love these posts, they always inspire me to try to rework my clothes in different ways to create new outfits.


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