garden with me – february update

5 thoughts on “garden with me – february update”

  1. What do you think of the seed spacing square? I’ve heard good things, but don’t know whether it’s much better than a ruler. Would love your thoughts! It’s already in the 70-80 in Phoenix, so we are currently harvesting broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, romaine, snap peas, snow peas, pole beans, parsley, cilantro, romaine, spinach, cabbage, arugula, carrots, basil, and bell peppers. My beloved 7-year-old eggplant “tree” got fried in the 125 heat last summer, so I’m most excited to plan its successor. 🙂

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    1. Wow i am so jealous! Here in Canada it is still frosty this morning (and i am in the warmest area of canada). This was my first time with the seeding square and a really liked it. I am sure it is not much better than what a ruler could do, but i like the ease of having the holes and a measured stick to make correct depths of the holes without thinking about it. All the best with your new eggplant plant as well as everything else you are growing!

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  2. Nothing plantable here yet, but I did harvest some spinach from under the covered berry box yesterday, and the snow is now melting. Lots of seedlings in the basement, so once it does warm up, they’re ready to start hardening off. Not looking forward to anything in particular, just everything in general! Hope you have a great season.

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