books about love

I used to think that I didn’t enjoy Romance books. In fact, I actively avoided them. Then in grad school I had to do an assignment where I read three books of a genre that I didn’t typically enjoy and I chose Romance. Out of those three books I hated one, was okay with the … Continue reading books about love

one year of home

Just over a year ago Nigel and I moved into our home. Now we had moved quite a bit in the first few years of our marriage; 4 times in the first year and a half to be exact so we had gotten quite good at the whole moving things, but they were all to … Continue reading one year of home

low waste resolutions

2020 was both good and bad for the environment. The pause on air travel, factories slowing down, and other things showed marketable improvements to the environment, but disposable masks and gloves were used at a record amount, bulk stores stopped selling (or at least in reusable containers) for a while, and it became harder to … Continue reading low waste resolutions

my 2021 reading goals

Reading is one of my favourite things in the world, being transported to new worlds, making new friends, and learning from people who know more than I is wonderful. I also love new years and making goals and challenges for myself. One of my favourite goals is figuring out what I am going to read … Continue reading my 2021 reading goals