buying in bulk

A lot of waste happens in the kitchen. This waste can take many forms; from packaging to food that has gone bad and needs to be thrown away and these are things that can both be lessened by buying in bulk. Now buying in bulk is something that is really growing in popularity in both … Continue reading buying in bulk

fall 10×10 challenge

Back in June I experimented for the first time with a 10×10 challenge, aka, only wearing 10 different items of clothing for 10 straight days. Now this challenge went quite well and it changed me to find new ways to wear the clothes that I did have. You can check out that full blog post … Continue reading fall 10×10 challenge

10 x 10 challenge

I challenged myself to only wear 10 items of clothing for 10 days. You can read more about my choice to do this as well as how I have been trying to minimize wardrobe in this post here. This was a daunting change as I am used to a full closet with tons of choices … Continue reading 10 x 10 challenge